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Turn2Watt, a team invested in an incubator of future innovation

Our mission is to design, develop and test bifacial solar energy production solutions, with the aim of entrusting professionals with the industrialization and sale of products.


Our team

Turn2Watt, Planair's incubator

Since 2021, Turn2Watt has operated as the solar Research & Development (R&D) unit of the Planair engineering firm. The team benefits from the technical synergies and experience of the Planair teams (Renewable Energies). Our innovations are tested on demonstrators located in their destination biotopes (plains, mountains, rail, airports, etc.). As soon as their effectiveness is proven, we send the installation manuals and product catalogs to installers and project owners for marketing.


The incubator benefits from the skills and experience of Planair's 150 employees.

Planair provides financing, administrative and technical support and the experience of its teams. Planair remains an independent consultant offering the technical solutions best suited to customer needs from the technical catalog available, Turn2Watt products without any exclusivity. Planair owns the patents protecting Turn2Watt products. The incubator allows Planair teams to develop and promote their know-how by anticipating developments in the energy market.

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Why vertical solar?

Our solution is based on the strong international development of bi-facial (2-sided) solar panels, becoming the majority and competitive.

We simplify vertical solar with a modular solution, adapted to slopes and shade, with minimal economic and ecological cost. Foundation, frame, panels and electrical part are fully integrated in a kit that can adapt to all conditions. Our patented innovations include the integration of cables into the structure and a modular assembly concept.

Whether for fencing industrial sites, along railway lines, highways, for parking lots that cannot be covered with usual superstructures, or for educational urban real estate: our vertical solar product has the capacity to be the most competitive solution.

From the pilot project to solar installations at several clients, here is our path:

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