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Accelerate the deployment of solar energy by minimizing the impact on the ground of your solar installations

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Unique Austro-Swiss expertise in solar energy production in the Alps

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Turn2Watt, Planair’s incubator:
accelerator of the energy and climate transition

Solar energy must become a pillar of our energy supply. However, the majority of large roofs offering ease of deployment and a competitive cost price are already equipped. To accelerate the deployment of competitively priced solar, it is therefore necessary to create new spaces for large-scale solar installations. The release of new competitive spaces, which can be deployed quickly, is the raison d'être of Turn2Watt. Photovoltaic solar power has evolved towards bifacial technology, without applications being developed. However, the deployment of bifacial solar panels is easy, without roof constraints, without additional use of floor space, and often close to the electricity network.

Why vertical solar?

Our solution is based on the strong international development of bi-facial (2-sided) solar panels, becoming the majority and competitive.

We simplify vertical solar with a modular solution, adapted to slopes and shade, with minimal economic and ecological cost. Foundation, frame, panels and electrical part are fully integrated in a kit that can adapt to all conditions. Our patented innovations include the integration of cables into the structure and modular assembly.

Whether for fencing industrial sites, along railway lines, highways, for parking lots that cannot be covered with usual superstructures, or for educational urban real estate: our vertical solar product has the capacity to be the most competitive solution.

From the pilot project to solar installations at several clients, here is our path:

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